Do you, or does someone you love, live in one of the many states in the US that are called the “Hardest Hit States” of America?

This is total amount of cash that the U.S. Treasury has promised to the Hardest Hit States so far. That’s some pretty serious cash!

Since the economy “crash” of 2007 approximately 36% of the states in America were declared as the “Hardest Hit States”. Were you living in where everyone experienced the crash the worst?  When the housing market plummeted, the unemployment skyrocketed! Why these 18 states? Because the economy in several states was in so many ways wrapped around the housing market. In an effort to rescue these states from blight, the United States Federal Government allocated funds for the Hardest Hits States. In 2010 the US allocated over 9 Billion dollars to 18 states, calling these funds the Hardest Hit Funds (HHF).

Learn more about the Hardest Hit States Funds by visiting the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s website

The United States Treasury Dept. has divvied out over  9.6 billion dollars to 18 states and the District of Columbia based on each state’s application. Oregon  and 17 other states are receiving assistance from the U.S. Treasury. Did you know that Oregon recently received 36 Million dollars to help home owners make payments on their mortgage? If you live in Oregon or in any of the other 17 states listed to the left, then please reach out for assistance in finding out if and how you might qualify.

The amounts allotted to the Hardest Hit States in 2016 in order of least to most.

Each state has different rules for how a home-owner qualifies for the funds. In some states you have to be behind in your payments.  In other states you have to be current on your payments.  Still in some states, you have to had already received a modification on your mortgage payment plan, and need help with that! There are lots of fine points to work through, but it’s possible for a lot of people.

Since the rules can change for each state from month to month. So, it’s best to contact a professional through your state’s program. And if you are a New

York residence needing assistance, yes there is assistance available in New York.  New York is funding their own program for the time being.

Learn about Oregon’s Hardest Hit Funds











If you’d like to talk more, or learn more about the Hardest Hit Funds, please e-mail or call Grateful Nuts Homes, go to your state’s website, or contact your local agency non-profit agency. All states participating in the Hardest Hit Funds can be reached through the US Treasury web link: