Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect January of 2018, yet a year and a half later there are still a multitude of questions surrounding one portion of the Act, the Opportunity Zones. In April 2019 the IRS released and submitted a 169 page proposal to the … Continued

Opportunity Zones

In search of the Opportunity in Opportunity Zones Sometimes when writing an article, I come across difficulty.  This is one of those articles, because the subject is taxing for me, and the depth of the subject is quite deep. I’ll try to keep it shallow for now. Nevertheless it is an important topic for real … Continued

House Flipping is Strong

House Flipping is Strong in Today’s Real Estate Market After reading an article published by Housing Wire, and written by Jessica Guerin, I want to share with you the statistics show that house flipping is strong again.  The number of homes flipped in America is approaching its high of 2006, just before the crash. The … Continued


Mold is disgusting, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell your house. Learn how to sell a house with mold in Eugene/Springfield! Mold is a common problem for many houses. A lot of times you can hire HAS-MAT professionals and get the mold problem solved.  However, some properties have much larger problems … Continued

Oregon Foreclosure Laws

Oregon Foreclosure Laws There are two types of foreclosures all over the United States, and the type of foreclosure usually depends on the document that was filed at the courthouse to record the loan/lien. Some states have just one type of foreclosure, while other states have two types of foreclosures. Oregon falls into the second … Continued

Another Mortgage Failure?

Is 2019 better equipped for the next mortgage Market Downturn? Or are we facing another mortgage failure? The mortgage market has shifted dramatically since 2008. Improvements in underwriting, technology, and quality controls – some visible, some less so – have resulted in a fundamentally sounder mortgage system than before the crisis of 2008. Lenders have … Continued

40% of American Households in Dire Straights

Why are More Than 40% of American Households in Dire Straights if America’s economy is doing great? A new report from the United Way, the organization known for working directly with those in poverty and in need of assistance, reports that there are more than 40% of American Households in Dire Straights.  The United Way’s … Continued

The Great Recession 10 Years Later

The Great Recession occurred 10 years ago, and our economy has rebuilt in miraculous ways.  Is there trouble looming? When it comes to the future of our economy most of us, it seems, can’t let go of our recent experience of what felt like a collapsed economy. We worry about another downturn in the near … Continued