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Grace WiddicombeWe all know that life is full of its ups and downs and that “good guys finish last”, so I’d like to let you know that if foreclosure is possibly in your future, there is pre foreclosure help.

This blog is dedicated to those that are facing the very real dilemma of a real estate foreclosureWhat is a real estate foreclosure? That’s when the mortgage payment has been shorted too many times and the lender has called the note, and says that they are proceeding with taking the asset that secures the note, which is the house/real estate. 

This note is called a mortgage, or a deed of trust. You will see these terms used interchangeably.

Foreclosure is a legal process used to enforce a payment obligation on real property when the deed of trust (or mortgage) is in default. The lender can start the process which forces the sale of your home to repay a debt even if just one payment is missed, but typically the foreclosure notice is filed at the county court house after three or four payments are missed. This is when you need pre foreclosure help.

This can be a scary time for the home-owner for the obvious reasons. I work with homeowners to find the solutions available that work for them, as there are eight to ten solutions available to the homeowner. I am NOT an attorney, nor do I act like one.  Why do I help so many people facing foreclosure? It’s simple, because one out of five of these people want me to buy their house to get them out of foreclosure, and that I am happy to do.

What are my Options in Before Foreclosure?
The options vary depending on: 

  • what your history with your mortgage is,
  • what your personal financial situation is,
  • and what your personal situation is.

I will list those options in my next blog very soon, giving you more pre foreclosure help.

My name is Grace Widdicombe, I am your discreet pre foreclosure advocate.
I am  in Oregon, one of the few states with plenty of distressed properties. 
Today I am sitting in Lane County where there are currently approximately 140 pre-foreclosures on the books. 

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