What You Need when Calling Bank

Requesting a HARP Modified Mortgage? You better have your documents all ready to send in!  You must send them all in at one time. If  you trickle your documents in, a little at a time, the big banks & mortgage companies will shred your mail.  This is blog 4 in a series. To find out why, read previous blogs.

Get your act together before calling the bank!

What You Need when Calling Bank

  1. Last year’s taxes – you must have filed your 1040
    • Your w’2s and your 1099’s must be attached.
  2. Copy of the last 31 to 60 days of income/payment stubs.
  3. Copy of all bank accounts for the last two months.
  4. Fill out a financial statement showing your income and your expenses.
    •  You can find the form on your bank’s website most likely.
      •  Or just email me and I’ll send you one.
    • Make sure you think of all of your expenses.
      • (Looking at your bank statements will help you remember.)
  5.  Fill out the IRS form 4506-T – just Google it.
    • Print it, fill in your name, SSN(s) and your last year’s tax year.
      •  This is to let the bank verify your copy of the 1040 that you are enclosing.
  6. If you don’t have a bank, or income, you must attach a page stating this.
    1. include copy of last month’s unemployment
  7. Hardship Letter – Write a letter as to why you need a reduced payment
    1. Include reasons which must be one or more of the “4 D’s”
      • Divorce, Death, Disease, Displacement (moved or lost job)
        • Provide dates in letter
      • Attach proof to this very short letter.
    2. Letter must be less than a page.

It’s not hard, it just takes being ready. Now you have what you need when calling bank to ask for a home mortgage modification under the HARP Act or the HAMP (Fannie Mae). Go ahead and call, you are so ready. Just one more thing you need to do and that is to include a cover letter Asking for a Home Loan Modification.


For help on this, call or write me, or your local non-profit agency.

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