House Flipping is Strong

House Flipping is Strong in Today’s Real Estate Market After reading an article published by Housing Wire, and written by Jessica Guerin, I want to share with you the statistics show that house flipping is strong again.  The number of homes flipped in America is approaching its high of 2006, just before the crash. The … Continued

Foreclosure Starts Are on the Rise

Foreclosure starts rose 12 percent from February to a total of 52,100 in March as later-stage hurricane-related delinquencies began to roll over into active foreclosure starts. This, according to the First Look report on Mortgage performance released by Black Knight on Thursday. The report noted that over two-thirds of these foreclosure starts were in hurricane-impacted areas of … Continued

Starter Homes in Short Supply

“America is experiencing a housing shortage. Not only are there fewer homes available to buyers of all income levels, those just starting out or making their first foray into home ownership are worse off than they’ve been in years. There are fewer homes available, and even if they can find a home, it’s likely to … Continued

Real Property Auctions in Lane County

If you google “Foreclosures in Eugene Oregon” you will find that there are 140 homes for sale as foreclosed in Eugene today. It’s a myth that there isn’t that much foreclosure going on.  “The total number of homes with foreclosure filings jumped 27% in October 2016.  It was the biggest jump in monthly foreclosure filings … Continued

Looking to Downsize?

The Oregon Legislature is considering two bills intended to make it easier to build tiny houses legally.  Advocates across the state see tiny houses– or as they are officially known: accessory dwelling units—as one way to address homelessness and occupancy rates that are so high some cities, like Portland, have declared “housing emergencies”. The tiny … Continued

Foreclosure Clock Starts Ticking

Homeowner Starts Foreclosure Clock

Does HARP Request Starts Foreclosure Clock? Note: This blog is the 3rd in a series about what happens when the homeowner calls the bank’s customer service center requesting a modified mortgage after the homeowner has missed a payment. In my last blog I was so bold to say that when the homeowner calls the big … Continued

talking to big banks

Big Banks – Phone Nightmares

It was Monday, June 16th when he finally decided to call me. He, (let’s call him “Jeff”) asked me if it was too late to stop his foreclosure.  I quickly looked at the foreclosure listing and saw that Jeff was merely 4 business days away. The bank, not the best to work with by any means, … Continued

How Veterans Can Avoid Foreclosure

In honor of our United States Veterans, we have the GI Bill, through which the Veterans Administration provides 100% mortgage insurance to the lender on the veteran’s home loan!  Wow! What a deal for the lender and the mortgagor (the veteran). It’s because of GI Bill that veterans can avoid foreclosure.This blog is about the Veteran Administration’s foreclosure … Continued

Pre Foreclosure Help

We all know that life is full of its ups and downs and that “good guys finish last”, so I’d like to let you know that if foreclosure is possibly in your future, there is pre foreclosure help. This blog is dedicated to those that are facing the very real dilemma of a real estate foreclosure. What is … Continued